Production is missing from the video in schools idea

There is a great post on Edweek about how video in education has changed over the past 35 years.  There are some examples from wayback like schoolhouse rock and Grammar rock, and new examples like accessing great math lessons on youtube.  Highly accessible video is great for the teachers too.  “It means that teachers can expand their teaching repertoire by learning different strategies and techniques from other educators, organizations, and institutions that post their teaching and resources online”.  In my scenerios, teachers can even add videos to on demand systems, or even choose the specific pieces of video they want to use for a lesson.  There is something missing in this article though.

I think that video in the classroom can also look like student media projects based on curricular content. Instead of the teacher lecturing about a concept, why don’t teachers have students teach concepts through video? They can cultivate their multiple intelligences, engage their 21st century learning skills, and use higher order thinking as they produce a video that teaches others.

In general I get the sense that we think of video/media/technology within the same context of the last 100 years of teaching.  Add it to the arsenal of things we can put in front of students.  What is it taking so long for us to realize that engaging students into action is the only way to make learning meaningful.  We do want to create learners don’t we?