RYMAEC Web 2.0 Open Mic

Thursday, March 4, at the ICA in Boston, RYMAEC (Regional Youth Media Arts Education Consortium) hosted an open mic where many educators, researchers and youth media workers shared tools and strategies.  Kara Oehler was the featured speaker and she presented her work with the Mapping Main Street project.  They hope to document in some way all of the main streets in the U.S. – and make them available on a web application where others can share comments or other content.

I presented a project that I worked on with a Spanish teacher in which we used garageband and soundcloud.com to create podcasts as practice for the Spanish AP exam.  The concept is simple: prepare (or find) a sound file that can be used as conversation practice.  The AP exam asks a series of questions in formal conversation and gives the tester time to respond.  We can do this using different tracks in GarageBand (or any multitrack recorder).  The final project can be exported and put on a digital player or shared using a site like soundcloud.